The Premier Fitness Program for One-on-One specialized conditioning.

TNT combines the best of Tae Kwon Do, Thai boxing, conditioning drills, stretching and nutrition. We will take your mental, physical, and spiritual game as well as your boardroom strategy to the next level. This unique training is offered at the best location for you (our facility, your work, or your home) and provides a level of instruction that NO other martial arts school can offer.

“There is nothing in the market available that will compare to the training you’ll get with my TNT program”

Master Garrison – Head Trainer for this program is a 7-Time Elite Champion, 2005 U.S. Hapki Do Master of the Year, U.S. Black Belt Man of the Year (1996).

We guarantee that whether you’re a busy professional looking to get in super shape and learn the best self defense techniques available, or a martial artist looking to take your skill to a new level, our TNT program will make it happen.

I'm a 54 year old professional in the construction business. Although I stay busy with work, I didn't have any regular exercise routine. I heard about Barrington Tiger Academy from a flyer and decided to give it a shot. Master Garrison recommended the private TNT lessons as my schedule didn't fit normal class hours. After a year of his martial arts training and recommended nutrition plan, I have lost 30 pounds and no longer need blood pressure or cholesterol medications. I feel great and am in the best shape of my life!

Michael S. - Fox River Grove, IL
Nutrition Taekwondo Kickboxing Barrington

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